'Her Time and Friends' Celebrates Female Leadership with a Networking Event

October 19, 2023

Bucharest, October 15, 2023 – The ArtHub Garden in Bucharest hosted the “Her Time and Friends” event, where participants gathered to cultivate connections and highlight female leadership. Participants had the opportunity to share inspirational stories and highlight the positive impact of their activities in various areas that focus on civic engagement, education, democracy and opportunity provision. 

The event started with the presentation of each association/foundation and each individual representative, which then led to a networking session that facilitated connections between organizations. Her Time Ro, The trilliad, UN Youth Association from Romania, I want to Study in America, High School Abroad, FeminEast, Cry For Education, Leaders Foundation, The Romanian Youth Council and The volunteer from Noi they laid the foundations of close relations between the members of organizations that aim to achieve as many projects as possible in favor of the communities for which they operate.

Her Time and Friends provided a perfect opportunity to give participants a chance to inspire each other through their stories and experiences, helping to create a supportive and empowering space where women's leadership is at its core.

This event was possible thanks to the support of our sponsors: ArtHub Bucharest, AQUA Carpathia, Cărtureşti, Magnetella, Quiet and Cotton bags.

This networking event was the first of its kind, where participants had the opportunity to communicate with each other to discuss possible collaborations and to pave the way for new opportunities beneficial to young people and to highlight the work that each team is doing .


About Our Sponsors

ArtHub Bucharest is a collaborative artistic and exhibition space where resources for dialogue and joint work are made available to those in the field of art and

cultural management. It produces its own artistic content but also functions as an art gallery / theatre-laboratory / host space / resource space, where artists, artists and partner organizations can come to produce or exhibit their own content.

AQUA Carpathia represents one of the most established market leaders. The expansion of the brand portfolio also determined the widening of the addressability segment to consumers through the introduction of the AQUA Carpatica Carbo Can product. It is the first natural mineral water enriched with carbon dioxide from the source bottled in Romania at a dose of 330 ml.

Cărtureşti is a bookstore where you can find everything from the latest printed books, music albums, vinyls, film CDs and documentaries, to fine china, gifts for all tastes and interesting supplies. Furthermore, carturesti.ro is an information platform, where you are recommended the most read books, the most listened albums, the newest products or the most discussed articles.

Magnetella represents a brand of traditional Romanian souvenirs that makes available to everyone various items with creative and traditional patterns from fridge magnets, cup holders and badges to spoons and other wooden decorations. 

Quiet Candles is a brand of scented candles that come in various sizes and containers from tiny jars to larger porcelain bowls. They come in a variety of flavors and cute names like Melancholy Pumpkin, Rum Vanilla Pudding, Chic Bouquet, No Regrets Tiramisu and many more.

Cotton bags offers a range of products made of cotton cloth, very resistant, with a long use, which can be washed and reused. It provides a premium image at fairs and conferences, various exhibitions and promotional campaigns. The most common and requested are the 100% cotton bags with both short handles and long handles.


For additional information and media inquiries, please contact: hertimero@gmail.com.


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