Womxn Develop

March 4, 2021

text and design: Ubisoft Bucharest

Womxn Develop at Ubisoft is a mentoring program that aims to attract and develop diverse talents for Ubisoft studios around the world, focusing on womxn in video games.
This program consists of a fun challenge through which mentors from Ubisoft Bucharest that are experts in their field will guide you providing insights into the game development process.

The program has two main tracks that you can apply to: Game Design & Programming.

One winner for each track will receive a 3 months paid internship with Ubisoft Bucharest, learning from some of the industry’s top talents.

The interns will get real-world development experience working on industry-leading AAA games at a large, multi-disciplinary studio.

The application period for WomXn Develop @Ubisoft will start on the 15th of March and end on the 2 nd of April. After the application period is done, the best candidates will be selected to participate in the challenge.

Ubisoft’s mission is to encourage diversity and with more people playing games than ever before, they have an exciting opportunity to create inclusive entertainment that is truly reflective of our diverse world.

Join The Challenge and Create The Unknown!
Registration and details will be available on https://womxn.ubisoft.ro starting 15th March.

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